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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the link to StarPatch. truth be told, Jen did mention a better site than Meade's but my brain was overloaded with info so i just defaulted...

I think you are right on 4C4P, the cable Jen kindly lent seems to have 6 pins.


Originally Posted by AndrewJ View Post
Gday Jen

What kind of handbox and firmware was it????
If you have selected the model as LXD75, it will forcibly keep you as equatorial. Under setup telescope, just confirm what model is selected.
If it is LX90-<size>, then you should be able to swap between AltAz and Polar.
Also, re updating, i strongly suggest looking at using StarPatch
It is freeware and has more control over updating than Meades ASU.
It also allows you to interactively load our patches that fix some of the bugs and add some enhancements.
Re the upload cable, it should have a 4C4P connector on it for a 497
Dont just plug stuff in in hope if you arent sure.

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