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A BIG shout out for JenChris!
Thanks for taking the time to explain things to me, clean and colliminating the Meade. Fascinating watching you in action!

I also loved seeing your photos which just got me soooo excited about what is possible.

Anyway, I was so eager to re-programme the handbox when I got home but noticed that the cable you kindly lent me doesn't quite fit. Very strange as I thought it would be a standard connection. But the 'clippy' bit looks a wee bit too big so can't slide into the handbox port.

I downloaded the ASU Autostar Suite to my laptop for updating the handbox once I figure the cable connection!

Regardless - this morning was a great learing experience and I really appreciate your time!

Originally Posted by jenchris View Post
Handbox ep26mm and a good clean
Just needs the handbox re programming. It seems to be locked on
eq format.
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