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Not to brag...but Wow!

Okay, I do not want to brag but Wow!

I had a chance this past week to play with my new AP 92 mm Stowaway and wow! I can honestly say that I was surprised and impressed.

I live in an area of terrible skies between the weather conditions and light pollution it is tough to enjoy the hobby so even with this legendary scope I was not expecting a lot.

I only had time for a quick peak so I grabbed a simple Alt/Az mount (Skywatcher) and a few eyepieces...and away I went.

The scope devoured the magnification I had with me (up to the 3.5 mm Pentax) and could have gone higher...the problem was my “cheap mount” was not steady enough to support the magnification.

As a visual observer and much more familiar with Dobsonian mounted reflectors, I had never experienced mount weakness as the weak link and so did not expect this result.

My previous experiences always had something else as the limiting factor, usually weather or my skill level etc. This was a new experience.

I look forward to trying this scope out on a sturdier mount...but even with the gear I used, the scope performed is hard to describe how glorious this little gem is to use.

I know they are hard to come by and not cheap but they are all that they are reported to be...Wow, just Wow!
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