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Originally Posted by Spleenus View Post
You're right, it is cheaper.

But I think the point with the Radian is that it is ready to go with all the mod cons that Trevor believes it should have to be a fantastic AP scope. For example, the flattener/reducer is built in, has a built in 2" filter draw and a carry case. The flattener/reducer for the sharpstar is A$329 on its own.

I guess it depends on what f/l you want and whether you need a flattener.... and I think I would go for the Radian if it was me purely because it has the extra bits.

Is the flatterner really built in? Its only a triplet, and the opt ad says something about the flattener being designed to always stay on, rather than built in. I also wonder about the 1.8kg, whether thats the ota or with rings, flattener, camera angle adjuster, filter drawer?
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