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Camera simultions in Excel

When boring times comes it could be both fun and interesting to do some calculations. This time I did an Excel sheet over the four cameras: Atik 16200, Canon EOS 6D, ZWO ASI1600, QHY367C and a perfect camera that only exist in my mind. I have the Canon 6D and wanted to see how time efficient it is compare to the others.

In the Excel sheet it's possible to setup data for the cameras and object information, light pollution, thermal noise, readout noise and max level that shouldn't saturate (clipp). At the end you see how many sub images it takes to reach a given S/N, Signal / Noise ratio. It also calculate the total exposure time included dead time between images.

Take a look here where I have wrote it down if you find it interesting:

It's very simple so don't expect it to be perfect but you can have a lot of interesting information from it if you test with different parameters.

You can download the Excel sheet if you find it interesting and test your own numbers.


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