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Originally Posted by lazjen View Post
This morning I thought I'd do more testing on the other connections on the mount. Especially the USB3 through the mount, and the DC provided power.

It mostly ended up as a shopping list though to get more cables.

While the USB worked through the mount I have not been able to do a proper USB3 speed test to check, especially as I want to connect the ASI1600 this way. I need another USB3 type B connector to do proper testing. Ebay order underway.

For the DC power I did discover something that is obvious from reading the manual, but not so obvious if you just play with the mount.

The main input power to the mount is 12V 5A from the supplied brick (and there are 3 output points on the mount to connect devices that can take 1A). However on the mounting plate at the top there are 2 more output points that take 5A each (I'll need one to take 2A to the camera, the other will go to the focuser/dew heater system). To power these though you need to supply a separate 10A DC input (connection on the mid mount panel).

So now I need to either get another power brick for the 10A connection, or one that can handle 12v 15A plus and maybe some form of splitter cable.

I'll count the above as a minor negative - I should be able to solve it, but realistically, iOptron could easily have provided a USB3.0 cable and a suitable AC power supply that could split to the 5A / 10A 12V DC input.
Hi Chris,

There are some connectors on the saddle plate which are powered by the mount itself and other can be powered by the user as he wishes.

Where the saddle plate is marked with voltage and amperage those are the connectors powered by the Mount and the ones only marked with amperage those can be powered with any voltage by the user.

The AUX port with the DIN connector has 4 pins. You can use the 4 pins and supply then with anything you want or just interconnect the pins and use them as one pin for higher amperage.

I assume you got in the mount a bag with 2 AUX DIN connectors.

Yes USB 3.0 is finicky. I more or less solved my problems using a lot of powered cables and Hubs. BTW. Take out the black round cover of the back of the RA axis and look into there. If the PCB has a round hole it is an old one and that has no booster chip on it. The new board has an elliptical hole and that board has a booster chip. If you have the old board tell iOptron to send you a new one.

I made two special power cables. One with the AUX DIN connectors for my main camera and that one I power separately by a power brick from my box and then I made another cable cable using 5 mm / 2.5 mm plugs and that I also power with 12 V for my focuser and other consumers.

regards Rainer
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