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Thanks Dunk,

yeah, I'm just poking around at the moment...

Looking at the number of camera's I own in general...

I like the 1100d & thus far, have produced some reasonable beginner images. I have a Sony RX100 as well which I use for terrestrial photography & some wideview astro shots...

Mainly looking at the micro 4/3's to replace both & have one small, lightweight, flexible camera that can cover both duties...

I also have a ZWO ASI224mc & recently acquired an Orion SSAG (mono) as part of a bundle of gear that was quite cheap... Have managed to configure Sharpcap to run the Orion for imaging (yes I know it's a guide camera) but, haven't had an opportunity to see if it can do imaging

Will be looking secondhand... but, being able to shoot remote
& control the camera, along with live view off a laptop at least (& hopefully a tablet) is a must.. Can do this with the 1100d so, unless something cheap & useful pops up, it won't be going anywhere...


Originally Posted by Camelopardalis View Post
Nothing wrong with micro 4/3, probably the most revolutionary astro camera in recent years, the ASI1600, uses a micro 4/3 sensor from Panasonic. The mono variant is very capable in the right hands.

Canít speak to the abilities of any of the interchangeable lens varieties though, but the APS-C sensors, like in the 1100D are only about 25% wider, and not a lot taller. Youíd need to consult the vendor specs to check on tethering ability.

Donít discount the 1100D if youíre most interested in OSC...itís quite a capable camera in its own right (given cost, etc), even if itís not the latest and greatest.
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