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Originally Posted by philiphart View Post
Geoff.. are you able to use mirror lockup with the RELEASE command in v3.1.1?

For me, mirror lockup seems to be ignored with the RELEASE command. Whenever the script gets saved by EO, any value in that field gets erased and I'm just left with an exposure time value and not much else in that row.

Seems like free version simply ignores commands that are available in Pro version (ML is one of them).. this sucks a bit (IMHO).

What I also don't like, you can't develop your script without camera connected.
In my case, I left my 400D at home.. so I can't do much at the moment.
However, I have 60D with me here where I am now, but I can't use it because it's not supported.

Try SETnC.. or just DSLRTimer
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