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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
I agree H. I wonder if these 2 new high end cameras 5D mark iii and Nikon D800 have hit a pinacle of development of the DSLR in its current format and to improve significantly rather than meaningless little tartups it will need to go into the Medium Format territory.

Some reviews pit the Nikon D800 as close to medium format quality. At least the lower end of that category. The 5D mark iii main improvement would appear to be low light capability and autofocus. How good the D800 low light ability performance is yet to be confirmed but appears to be no slouch either. So either will be awesome.

If the 5D mk 3 is as good as it sounds I may end up getting both! But the D800 for sure. 36mp for $3000 is a no brainer. Low light performance is also very appealling for our type of photography.

Pinnacle?, really?? isn't QE on DSLRs still woefull? (something like 15%).I would have thought the pinnacle would be something close to 100%. Now that would be a serious improvement.
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