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Originally Posted by skysurfer View Post
Indeed, all these cloud based services attract users with their "free" (which means full of ads) account and later on they are going to charge you. Not only image sites (even Astrobin does it, but that are more volunteers), but even Apple. iCloud prices when using more than 5GB have gone up, etc.
It is just a matter of time that Google Drive or MS Onedrive are charging.

"Free" does not exist in the ICT world.
Yep, I agree completely. The issue is that having built themselves up into a position where they are one of the largest image hosting sites, with people who will have more than a decade worth of images hosted there (Often specifically to embed on web pages or forums, something that the terms of service allowed and the site setup encouraged and made simple by placing pre built code for the purpose right next to the image, just copy and paste) they have gone the rent seeker route by demanding an extortionate sum for the service they used to encourage you to use for free.

They know they have millions of people over a barrel if they want their websites to work again, and that probably hundreds of thousands or millions will have to pay up rather than rebuild around the change. If only 1% of their "over 100 million Customers" (It used to say users on their website) pay up, that is 400 million dollars annually.

Originally Posted by pgc hunter View Post
I've had enough of Photobucket's INSANE malware-like ad spam so signed up to imgur. Man, it is like being able to breath again.

That POS phobobucket can die right in the ass for all I care.
Likewise. I made the site easier to use (And a lot faster) by building a "Pi Hole" server that killed almost all of the ads, but after the extortion attempt, they can do the foofoo bird trick without me. I sincerely hope that is what they actually do, they deserve it for being so greedy about it.

I have not signed up to imgur, I just cant be stuffed with the work to fix a couple of racecar build threads on a forum that have taken a decade to get to where they are now.
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