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I use dreamhost which is a full web hosting package. I pay USD110 per annum. They give you a nominal 450GB of server space but they also say that if you have a legitimate project that needs more and doesn't breach their guidelines they'll give you a much as you need. Guidelines are not very onerous as I recall. They restrict running any sort of streaming or downloading copyright breach site for music or movies or any sort of porn site. I can partition into ftp only server storage, email accounts, one domain registration comes with one included domain regitration, mine is I can register and host as many domains as I want. Very flexible.

Never had a problem with them. They have one click wordpress access or you can DIY which is what I do.

They had one security breach a few years ago. They reset every customer password and informed all customers within hours of the breach.

To Bluester, in general, cloud storage is not somewhere you put your one and only copy of an image. Cloud storage providers are notorious for this sort of thing. Hard drives are cheap.


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