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First Light & Focal reducer

Hi guys,
Had my first light with the DBK21au04 (on the GSO Newtonian 10" (250mm) F5, Focal length: 1250mm) doing the Moon & Jupiter.
It seems that Sony chip has the equivalent focal length of 4.5mm wow!
I set about reading about how to make the image larger for the Moon + Sun and read that a Focal reducer was the solution.
I bought the GSO version stuck it on the nose cone of the cam and nothing much happened could not bring the moon or sun into sharp focus........... I tried all sorts of combinations that I could think of, removing nose cone & connecting closer to the chip & also moved my mirror up the tube etc... because the supplier states:
"Focal reducer without extension tube requires ~10mm in travel to reach focus.
"Focal reducer with 25mm extension tube requires ~35mm in travel to reach focus"

Guys am I missing something here, how can I get this focal reducer working?

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