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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
The sample images on Starlight Express site are very poor. I wonder if its the chip, the imager, the scope, the seeing???

I personally would wait for images to appear to prove this chip. But that's me being careful. Its the tiny well capacity that worries me. It could lead to star bloat.

Good point. I may be ok, I think as due to suburban location I will have to keep my subs fairly short, say 6 mins or so with a filter. LP here is a shocker. Scope won't be much faster than a 5 inch frac at F5 ish me thinks. I assume then the smaller wells should not be a big issue .

Your comment on seeing other images is a good one. Olly Prentice did a compare between the Atik4000 and the 460ex recently on the SGL forum which was quite interesting

Not from a starlight but at least it's the same chip.

Thanks again.
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