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Originally Posted by Poita View Post
Are they cheaper in Canada? I would like to purchase one for the local schools, and I have family in the land of Canadia...
Peter, the answer comes with a warning so please don't get excited when I say

'Yes' they are quite a bit cheaper in Canada.

The warning is on Rock's website:


The serial numbers for US and Canadian cameras are unique and if someone in the US obtains a Canadian camera from a Canadian dealer, the warranty will not be honored nor will upgrades be granted in the future.

The availability of getting future upgrades is a service worth thinking about. As Rock develops his products he will upgrade older versions to the new upgrade.
Quite a few people have had their older VSS models upgraded to Xtreme's and in future Xtremes will no doubt be able to be upgraded to the next level that Rock creates.

But if you're not worried about Warranties or upgrades, go for it.
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