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Chris, the Only Mallincam dealer is Jack in Louisiana, New Orleans.

There are 2 other sellers in Canada, but they can only sell to Canadians.
The rest of the world must order from Jack.

But rest assured, Jack is a great bloke. Very helpful throughout all transactions, stays in contact with you, answers any questions you have etc.

And for your 2nd question, the Mallincams are far superior to StellaCam III's and all other Video Astro cameras.
All the others available (Stellacam, Orion, Mintron, Gstar-Ex, etx) are all copies of Mallincams in the race to capture a specific market, but Rock Mallin is sooo far ahead of them that when the others finally release thier new models, Rock is a bout 3 models ahead with new features.

They REALLY are worth their price.

If you want to know any specifics about the circuitry, quality, or whatever, Rock is a member in the Mallincam Yahoo Group and he gladly answers question on a daily basis.

There are also lots of files in the Groups 'Files' section detailing all the specs, and Rock tells of all the work he puts into each camera.

He does hand make every camera. He doesn't buy Mintrons and alter them.

The claim of the Stellacam's more sensitivity is also available in a Mallincam (Ex-View HAD chip) if you want one, but they are only usable under certain conditions. If you have dark (or near-dark) skies forget about the extra sensitive Ex-View chip (I bet Stellacam won't tell you that!).

If you want to know any more Chris, I'm more than happy to help.

For Mallincam Info:

Jacks website, To Order:

Mallincam Yahoo Group:
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