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Well, since this appears to be a showdown (in some people's minds) about Canon and Nikon and their respective abilities, why not blow both of them out of the water and let's throw in Hasselblad and Mamiya and compare the first two to these cameras. Neither Canon or Nikon would live in the same room. For any spec or picture characteristic either of those cameras have. But then again, you're paying for the privilege of owning one. Anyone here got $17000 to buy the little 'Blad??

Canon and Nikon are both very good cameras and will do whatever job you ask them to do very well. I've seen just as good astropics taken by Nikon's as Canon's. But if the person wielding the camera doesn't know how to use them, both of them can also take bad shots (in any situation). I mean, if you want to compare a Nikon D3100 to a Canon 5D MkII or better, go right ahead. But it's a case of comparing apples and oranges. People who can afford upper mid level or professional level cameras (of any make), that's great, but don't disparage the little guy with his cheaper Nikon (or Canon) for taking "sub standard" shots just because he owns one of them. Especially when you have a bias towards one camera make.
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