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Originally Posted by nightstalker View Post
Same to you gary .. No tricks to putting the encoders into those nylon bushes in the bolt?.. seems a tight fit .. though the old volume pot
I tried first fits very snug in there.. thats a better much idea than messing about tapping the bolt I'll look at that when I do the alt mount.. is the bush glued in there?

cheers graham
Hi Graham,

Once the bolt is in place, since it is the type that has a nylon sleeve in the
well where the encoder goes, just push the encoder shaft tight into there
by pressing carefully down. No tricks involved and indeed it will be a tight fit.

To remove, carefully pull the encoder vertically upward. Because of the
forces involved, avoid performing this operation unnecessarily. This
will then minimize the risk of ever damaging the encoder. Once the bolt is
in place and secured, then it is time to push the encoder in. Also check that the
OTA will clear the encoder as it swings over it.

Normally the bushes aren't glued in there.

If the fit is not tight enough, wrap a segment of Scotch tape around the encoder
shaft to enlarge its O.D. and then push it into the nylon sleeve.

Best Regards

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