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Originally Posted by erick View Post
If I found the targets were coming up a bit far from centre of 35mm Panoptic, I just did a quick "Mode Align" on the object and carried on. Hope that is a reasonable approach to take.
Indeed it is and it one approach that we recommend. In the face of finite
geometric fabrication errors within the mount, the error residuals will
be smallest in the vicinity of the alignment stars. So re-aligning in the
region you are currently observing in can take advantage of this.

Randomly toured constellations or "20 deg around that spot" for non-stellars. Saw many new objects. It made finding small planetaries a breeze!
Brilliant! That is what we like to hear.

Fingers are crossed that this summer brings plenty of good observing opportunities!

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Gary Kopff
Wildcard Innovations Pty Ltd
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