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I've got the CEM120EC2. If I was to buy again, I would just get the CEM120 and no encoders to save money.

When guiding, you have to use long exposures/guide rates to avoid some issues with the encoders and oscillation. From memory, over 2 or 3 seconds at least - especially for calibrations. Once you've got your setup and dialed in, it's generally not an issue, since long exposure guiding rates are easy to do (and achieve).

For me, the hardware of the CEM120 is good with all the mount connections, etc. iOptron though are not great on the software side and also are quite slow with updates. There's also missing features (e.g. modelling) that have no signs of being done.

If you are set on getting encoder(s) on a mount, I'd be wary on the iOptron (or any equivalent mounts), unless you can test it to your satisfaction and return it if it doesn't perform as required.
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