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Originally Posted by AlexN View Post
Astrodon I series 50mm unmounted jobs...

What other refractive elements do you have in your optical train apart from the filters and the telescope lens? I think the MPCC I use to flatten the field skews the parfocalism (is that a word?) Either that or the LPS filter? or a combination of both...
None on the refractor but am considering a APM flattener, AP CCDT67 on the LX 200. I do get some reflection on the HH neb but the filters do not need refocusing between shots. Basically set autosave in maxim and off it goes. I have run them all through using a bahtinov mask and they are sweet. Thats one of astronomiks selling points, they guarantee the filters are all the same thicknes to within some ridiculous tolerence. They even have a go at other manufacturers over this and state it is their main reason for existence if you read one of the intro pages/company profile????

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