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The rig sounds beautiful mate Do you know the model number of this generator? Sounds exactly what I need...

That's the upside of being a holden man... I can fit just about anything in my commodore... I'd find a way to fit a PME + 12" OTA in there if I had to... Forgo the esky/food, just take a slingshot, knife and fork ahahaha.

Give the FOV indicator a go, it will give you a better idea of where a star will be. The only downside I have to my OAG at the moment is that field curvature means that some of the stars in the OAG are not round.. This results in odd guiding... That was the advantage of the ZS70 piggybacked on top, guide stars were VERY sharp, guider focus was independent of imaging focus (which changes from filter to filter ) I would only go back to a separate guide scope now if it had a slightly longer focal length than my 80/480... just to push the resolution of the guider a but further above the imaging setup... I figure if I get the guider going at around 1" per pixel, and get guiding corrections down to 0.3 pixels, then my imaging setup at 2.32" per pixel should be razor sharp. Thats the theory anyway Problem there is weight... The HEQ5 is limited to 17kgs according to the spec sheet, which means that in reality, its more like 12kgs, I want to stay at a max of 8kgs on the HEQ5, and maybe take it out to 10kgs on the GM8..
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