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If I may quote a reliable source on this issue: one often reads this about the 1.6 crop factor effect, but the focal length of a lens does not change, whatever camera one uses with it. Therefore, the magnification or 'reach' remains the same.
Matt it doesn't matter how you phrase it, magnification relative to the image ratio is real and the reach of your lenses on a FF sensor, as compared with a crop sensor, is less.

I have owned a 20D, 50D and now 5DII and I can assure you that the Tele lenses (and all lenses for that matter) have less reach on FF sensor.

To put it simply the image scale of a 200mm lens on a crop sensor will be 1.6x greater than that of the FF sensor; that is to get the same image scale or FOV on a FF sensor you will need a lens of 320mm which oddly enough equates to 1.6 x 200.

On the reverse side your wide angle lenses have much wider FOV's on a Full frame sensor although that's not really an issue as 10-22 etc lenses have approximately equivalent FOV to 17 on a FF sensor.

With Tele lenses however longer+quality=$$$$

Try pricing an L series 600mm.

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