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Interesting to read, but in the end you really should set a custom white balance. Much easier to get the other non-red colours to show up in your images. Astrophotographer Jerry Lodriguss article link ...

Note especially from that aticle ... shoot images for no filter, as well as every filter you are going to use with it as they all cast a different colour hue over the image. Even your unmodded camera you should shoot a CWB for it with every filter you are going to use with that cam.

BTW, while I've got a digital grey card, before I had that I set my CWB by shooting straight down at noon at a bitumen road surface. I shoot one which is fully illuminated bitumen and one fully in shade. I actually found the one in the shade (so a much darker, almost black surface) yielded better images at night on the scope. But you may find otherwise? Try both. Very simple and easy to do. Do not put on a lens as you want it totally out of focus. Pointless putting on a lens and focusing on the bitumen as all the slight blemishes and reflections off the surface will create a speckled CWB. Totally out of focus means the sensor see's just a flat grey edge to edge. So you can go try it out right now. Cheers
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