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Originally Posted by RyanJones View Post
And does this extrapolate back to what Iím suggesting where the unmodded camera is effectively my O3 filter and the modded is my Ha ? ( I understand thatís not correct in the literal sense )

I wouldn't expect so unless you can measure the spectra thats filtered by what was removed in the modded camera. (just because its called an IR filter doesn't mean to me anything in terms of transmission at various wavelengths. I don't know if it's viable to say use an SA100 filter and a street light or star to work out what the spectra range of each camera is and then how to proceed to be able to combine both meanigfully. I suspect it wont be worth the bother and you may need to add filters to get a reasonably linear spectra.

Still no reason you can't play with splitting up data to channels and mixing them up to recombine as if they were properly filtered mono captures. Signal is signal after all. There will be overlap and likely some signal will push to overexposure, but then again no two pieces of equipment produce the exact same characteristics, its all about things falling in a range so that the device can be sold has having certain specs. Shoot a large nebula with each camera then split into RGB channels and compare R to R, G to G and B to B, pick the best of each to recombine (register etc of course). Even if not ideal I would think you could combine each pair of same channel to produce an L channel that you can use for a mask when stretching since it'll be masking the actually structure thats there. Explore and play
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