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The M8/M20 is the better image. Its either tracking errors or some coma there on the Rho image. Probably coma as the stars are slightly angled away from centre so unlikely its tilt.
Odd as the M8/20 image seems to have round stars to the corners.

The stars are white as well so ISO800 must have been too much.

DSLRs really need to be watched for blowing out the stars. I think its because of ISO. In a dedicated CCD camera there is no ISO setting or gain (its set at the factory and its usually a small number).

ISO 800 doesn't sound that much but the white stars with no colour says it is.

Something to watch on your exposure. Perhaps ISO400 may be better and boost in post. Some cameras are ISOless (same noise if shot at lower ISO and boosted in post compared with using a higher ISO). Sony sensors generally are. Canon's not so much. Nikon sometimes uses Sony sensors.

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