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Originally Posted by Kunama View Post
If it's worth doing, it's worth doing twice!

No sooner started on planing the edge down when I decided the tool needed re-tiling. I tipped the new tiles upside down and glued the shiny side onto the old tile, figuring #46 grit will soon take care of the rough underside. I enlisted the help of missus and son to glue the 240 tiles on before the resin cured.

Once the tool had cured I started on chordal strokes (as in, moved the tool to get 3 1/2" overhang) with #46 grit, measuring sag and sphere at each 15 minute interval. I changed to #80 and moved the tool to the recommended 2 1/2" after I had ground 1.5mm from the edge zone. Now I'm on #220, sag is 8.7mm, sphere is steady on .025", but 1 huge pit in the middle. I'm hoping by the time that is gone I should be able to move on to #400.
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