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Any of those cameras will do the job. Obessing about high ISO is not worth bothering about as noise will go up for all if them as ISO goes up. I would not shoot with an ISO higher than 1600 on any DSLR. And if you pick a camera which is easily cooled in a future mod then you gain exceptional capability through very low noise when the sensor is cooled to near 0C. Simply darks start to equal bias/offset frames at that temperature. Remember as well that when new cameras roll out ever karger sensor pixel counts this doesn't necessarily help with astrophotography, it is the pixel size and well depth that you need to be concerned about. Very small pixels in theory give better resolution but only if your scope can provide the high contrast, low obstruction, resolving power to deliver to the sensor.
For someone stafting out in AP with a DSLR, any if the the 12.2mega pixel Canons with Liveview is a good choice, as they are cheap to acquire these days, easiky modded, and have a good pixel size at 5.2. So look from the 450D upward in the model range. Learn to do the filter model, or have it done for you, to gain a full spectrum astro camera.
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