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Originally Posted by rmuhlack View Post
Can this calculation be used for comparing bin 1x1 with bin 2x2 ? Is it simply a matter of doubling the pixel size for a 2x2 binned image ?

Similarly, how about a 2x drizzle? Is this equivalent to using a camera with half the pixel size?
When binning with a CCD it does work that way as it does a signal amplifier when it bins while keeping the same read noise. With DSLRs though, from what I have heard it doesn't work so well, that's just because binning isn't a good idea with them in general.

As for drizzle it doesn't make a difference because the calculations are for each individual image. It is a calculation of how much sky each pixel covers. As dizzling is a group of images with a slight offset, each individual frame is is what is being calculated.
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