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I purchased a cheap 4wd winch to use to motorise the roll off roof but I can not as yet work out how to run cables and I am thinking to get a second one..a motor for each side, overkill power wise but takes worrying about cables out of things.
Changed my mind again re scope...the FL on the 16 inch worries me greatly so today I am thinking 12 inch which with a focal reducer should be much less of a worry. But I think a 12 inch on an eq8 should be ok.. what I am trying to get my head around is if it works ok one should get another focuser which is almost the price of the scope It's getting out of hand really..but I think my current camera may be ok...anyways it's all so close to completion I need to start thinking about the next project.
The good news is, although it may be my imagination, is my legs seem a little better...the other day I was able to reach my feet and put on boots with laces so maybe the work is helping me get a little better..but I still plan to put in ramps for the van and the observatory for my wheelchair as I expect I will need such luxury...mmm maybe another two winch motors so I can use one to drag the wheelchair up the ramp.actually another for the winch to lower me into the Caterham sports car..they seem to have doubled in price since I thought of buying one..I am getting so slack these days but the ramps and motorised stuff is past a luxury thing...almost a why not.
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