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To infinity...and beyond!

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Posts: 3 bought the 10" Bintel BT252-B from Bintel when they were in Melb so I've had it for a while...every now and then I'd get it out and look at Jupiter and the moon which was nice. Since lockdown I've put it on a dolly, (OTA is 16kgs!) purchased barlows and eyepieces and a ZWO asi224mc camera for astrophotography. I've take some exciting snaps....learning stacking with AutoStakkert and improving the image with Registax. It's quite addictive. I can clearly see the advantage of an EQ mount and that's my aim for early next year with tax returns and bonus...My OTA is 16kgs so I'm aiming for the Sky-Watcher NEQ6 Pro mount with tracking so I'll be able to take some bang on photos. Anyway...its all learning at the moment!

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