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Originally Posted by NightSkyLK View Post
Oh this is interesting. I do want to do AP at some point. I was thinking more in the line of a refractor (ED80) + HEQ5 pro setup without breaking the bank too much at a future stage. Didnt realize you can actually put a 10" tube on a EQ mount and do this.

Is there a significant benefit over putting up a 6" Newt on EQ mount over the 10"? I know the advantage of more light means you can do AP on very dim DSOs but with stacking cant you do the same with a 6" one? More images obviously but im assuming with a 10" tube it would be more troublesome to keep it balanced and track properly?

A 10" tube on an EQ mount is not really beginners stuff, but there are quite a few that do it successfully. A 10" scope has better resolution and a longer focal length so shows more detail and has a larger image scale. Balance is a bit harder to get right with a bigger tube and good polar alignment more important with the longer focal length. I've found that a heavier tube tracks a bit better with a load on the gears. If you do get the bug you will end up with more than one scope as most of us do. My wish list is big but I have to make do with what I have due to budget restraints. A SW ED80 is on my list as is a cooled astro cam, but for now its the DSLR and dob on the EQ mount.

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