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Originally Posted by doppler View Post
Another option is to get a solid tube dob and if you want to move to AP you can fit some tube rings and mount it on a EQ mount. I have been using a 10" SW dob in this fashion for a couple of years now on a HEQ5 pro without issue, it's now on an NEQ6 which is a bit better in windy conditions but needs an extra counterweight due to a higher center of gravity. The 10" SW solid tube is lighter than the GSO equivalent, has a Pyrex mirror and has enough focus travel for AP.

Oh this is interesting. I do want to do AP at some point. I was thinking more in the line of a refractor (ED80) + HEQ5 pro setup without breaking the bank too much at a future stage. Didnt realize you can actually put a 10" tube on a EQ mount and do this.

Is there a significant benefit over putting up a 6" Newt on EQ mount over the 10"? I know the advantage of more light means you can do AP on very dim DSOs but with stacking cant you do the same with a 6" one? More images obviously but im assuming with a 10" tube it would be more troublesome to keep it balanced and track properly?
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