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You'd have to ask why Canon hasn't released the RAW converter at the same time as the camera? If you ask me its deliberate to prevent comparisons so they can claim things that only an educated public would see as being misled. Like posting only jpeg examples of low light performance and not RAW. I find that very off-putting.

I am not neccessarily a Nikon fanboy either as their smoothing of RAW data (I assume they are still doing that) is not good either.

Its funny in a way because Nikon has been the one for years arguing the benefits of low light performance and low megapixels, now the roles are reversed not that 22mp is low megapixels.

One thing I think anyone can agree with here is the new Sony Exmor sensor is an amazing engineering feat and it would appear Sony are ahead of the rest at this point. 5 years from now they may be the main DSLR everyone compares against at this rate.

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