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Nice attempt

Gain looks a little too high. Lowering it will reduce the contrast in your image. Also, to get a better shot of planets like Saturn, use your barlow by inserting the webcam where the eyepiece would normally go. It will increase the size of your planets by quite a bit!!!.

You will need to play around with the gain and such to get your images looking right. It's also important to figure out what your optimum capture rate is for the night your shoot on. The clearer and steadier the night, the lower the capture rate you can use. You'll generally find, though, that your rate will be around 10-15fps for most nights. Sometimes though, a high frame rate....20-30fps, will give you a much steadier set of images and will allow you to control the gain better.

Grab yourself a flip mirror...these allow you to keep an eye on your target whilst also having your camera at the ready to take piccies. Saves having to insert and remove various eyepieces when trying to focus and centre your target.
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