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Alex, just out of interest what settings were you using for guiding with the OAG and laong focal length? Were you using the internal guide program of say CCDsoft or Maxim or were you using PHD. I had the settings right for long focal length and a guide scope but I cannot seem to get it 100% with the OAG. The focal length jump in guiding is really making it hard for me. I now have the spacer in the QSI that allows the stars to come to focus but the graph is very exaggerated.

Currently in PHD I am using 30% aggression, 5 hysteresis, 0.05 min motion, 500 steps on calibration and everything else is just standard. With the guide scope I had 80% agg, 10 hysteresis, 0.15 min motion and 750 steps on calibration. Guiding was near perfect and my 40D images showed it.

Long focal length imaging is way tougher than wide for sure in my experience but I do like a challenge.
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