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Alex - Alex - Alex

My wife hates you and she only met you through the car window that 1 time

I've followed this thread with interest and as you know i luv the ST10 (with the meade on the mount hunting S/N its perfect and other brighter DSOs in the refractors) but for this really deep stuff im chasing now it obviously just wont play the game (blooming wise) and that is why I am using the 350D. The ST8300 looks like the perfect compromise (keeping dollars in mind) for use on the Televue np. I am happy with the depth i am getting with the 350D on faint dust but this would definately be a leap forward. I have read Jase & Peters comments (and others) and respect both their comments but for dumb old guy like me for 2k or so this will provide a good - more sensitive alternative than the 350D for what i am doing now at higher resolution with the monochrome and a filter wheel. Cheaper than an ST1100 anyway

I head to vegas in 3 weeks and am staying at the Rio to play some poker and Scope City are just over the road (damn them) and while I usually buy in Aus I might just have to walk over the road and have a look seeing that I am there anyway.

So to end where I started - my wife hates you - well not really but it is good to have the heat off me for while - I was only going to buy a Televue wide field corrector. Now it looks like its a studio instead of a suite at the Rio

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