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Originally Posted by mbaddah View Post
Bummer about the 1.6x crop factor not taking effect
Yeah I know, bojan put me right on this a while back.
Way I get it straight in my mind is by a simple thought experiment...
I've got a Canon 5D (full frame sensor) and a 40D (1.6x crop sensor) side by side, both with 200mm lenses. I take identical images of the full moon - on both cameras the size of the moon is the same size, but the image from the 40D has less sky around it!
On the 40D, the Field of view (not magnification of object) is "AS IF" I had taken it with a 320mm lens on the 5D.

Does that make sense or have I confused you?
Hope not

ps...if you're planning to put a 10" and an ed80/100 +dslr and associated hardware on a HEQ5...get an EQ6!!!
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