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Originally Posted by mbaddah View Post

Doug: Is that enough reach or will most objects appear quite small? Would hate it if I had to crop to get object to scale to decent size for viewing.
Take a look at my photobucket page link in signature below.
Pics name: Moon, Eta Carina,Jewel Box, Orion Nebula, Horsehead, Rosette, 47 Tucanae and Tarantula Neb were all taken with the ED80 with, in most cases, minimal cropping.
The scope is great for larger nebulae - astronomical greatest hits like the Orion Nebula for example, but the results you might get on smaller objects such as certain galaxies and planetary nebulae might be disappointing!? Longer FL would be needed for these objects.

All personal taste at the end of the day - a widefield image of a few galaxies would look amazing after being creative in composition will further one's enjoyment and use of a small scope like the ED80.
There's never a one size fits all scope in astronomy!
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