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Well I am going to be the negative one here. Just watched a video review of the new Sony Ariv which uses this sensor. It was a bit disappointing.

Its a fair bit noisier than the A7riii for the same high ISO.

So I don't see any gain over the 42.4mp sensor or even the 36mp sensor unless its for binning and better resolution.

The Proline 16803 is not even 17mp and is nearly medium format size yet its taken some of the best images around.

The Sony 24mp sensor is probably more than enough for astro and it has all the benefits of the larger pixels.

There may be a new type of sensor in the A7Siii when it finally gets released. Not sure if the tech is ready for deployment but its a 32 or 36mp sensor with a broader 8x8 Bayer matrix where some blocks of pixels are read earlier giving a HDR effect.

Perhaps that is the one to get if Sony releases that for sale.

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