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I usually come to this site and because I have selected the "remember me" option I find that I am logged in.
Recently that is not always the when I try to log in I complete the requirements and hit "log in" that point a note is displayed that I will be redirected or I can chose to go to Forum index...however irrespective of which option is selected the screen for log in details reappears...and I can go thru the completing of the log in form over and over and seems to be trapped in a loop.

Further if I try to "quote" or hit the "reply" the same thing happens...after some time I may get logged on others I don't... Is this a problem with the site that others are finding...or is it just me and does anyone have any suggestions that I can do at my end to fix this issue...I am thinking it must be my new phone but that may be coincidence...I guess I am seeking an assurance that it is not some form of mild censorship because I have broken the rules a little.
Any ideas?

Further...I get a forum display that may be yesterday for example... So then you click on a thread which may show no replies but when you get there it is up-to-date.

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