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Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
A disappointing road... but good to see you have discovered what your issue is Paul.

My Wynn corrector is the earlier (C. 2011) model, it is actually several mm wider (larger elements) than the current model and has no threads, instead it is held inside the Atlas focuser adapter with 2 X 3 nylon grub screws and the adjustable length camera adapter bolts to it.

Thanks Mike for clearing that up. I had thought your corrector was smaller. I was wrong. I also have the same 2 x3 nyln grub screws too and adjustable length camera adapter but the corrector itself has two threads at the camera end of the corrector. You have to screw an adapter onto camera end to attach a camera. The bolted idea was probably better to prevent tilt or at least be able to adjust it easily.

Originally Posted by alpal View Post
Hi Paul,
the problem with writing a review is that there is always 2 sides to every story
and inevitably the suppliers side may not be represented fully.
In normal business practice warranty doesn't cover customers who have tampered or modified something.
Therefore how can a review be fair and impartial?


Allan, of course a review can be fair and impartial even when I have had to do repairs to get the telescope to work. Reviews are always what the consumers opinions are of a particular product. If I "tampered" with it to get it to work, then I am entitled to tell people what I think of delivered product. The review will be fair.

Originally Posted by OICURMT View Post
I LOL'd when I went to their website and clicked on "CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS"... blank page
Now it says Our customer's value on what we brought them .. Self praise is no recommendation.
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