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NORMA - The Grand Tour

Norma is a small constellation that does not have stars designated as Alpha or Beta.

Below are the subjects in Norma that I wish to view:-

The Main Stars:

The following four stars make up the square in Norma.

Gamma Normae (Nor). The brighest part of Norma. Gamma is used to designate two nearby stars.

Delta Nor.

Eplison Nor. Said to be a fine double star.

Eta Nor.

Mu Nor. It is 339,000 times the luminosity of the sun and 40 times its mass.

Objects of interest.

NGC 6067. Open cluster.

The Great Attractor. "Approximately 200 million light-years from Earth with a redshift of 0.016 is Abell 3627; also called the Norma Cluster, it is one of the most massive galaxy clusters known to exist, at ten times the average cluster mass. Abell 3627 is thus theorized to be the Great Attractor, a massive object that is pulling the Local Group, the Virgo Supercluster, and the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster towards its location at 6001000 kilometres per second."
I assume that I will not be able to see this, but will nevertheless point a scope in that direction and see how I go.

NGC 5946. A faint globular.

Menzel 2. Said to be the brightest planetary in Norma.

Shapley 1. The Fine Ring Nebula. Another Planetary.

Messier objects in Norma: Nil.
Caldwell Objects in Norma: C89
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