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Originally Posted by netwolf View Post
Has anyone tried this spot,

Burragorang Lookout
Burragorang Road, Nattai NSW 2570
According to the Light pollution maps its in the blue zone, its about 45min drive from my brother in laws place in Leppington.

Google indicates it has a close time of 5pm but I dont see any gates on the entry road etc. Looks like a good spot for widefield of Milkyway, just wondering if anyone else has tried from here?
I tried it before for sunrise and sunset shooting and it was closed. The gates are right after the 'fork' Burragorang Lookout Road and Nattai Bluff Trail. About 1.5km from the lookout. It's ok to walk with a camera and tripod for simple photography, but a bit far to walk with all gear like telescope, mount etc.
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