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Originally Posted by DeWynter View Post
Thanks for info on Acron and Killara Ovals!

Am I correct saying that Terrey Hills is closed somehow at nights except when NSAS is there?
Correct. There are two gates the council locks.

what I can see NSAS previously had two other sites: Howson Oval, Turramurra and North Turramurra Golf Club. Anyone knows what happened with them? Still good to visit?
No access. They were never (and are not) open to the public - and are locked. You had to be an NSAS member to access these. Try and you can expect the police will arrive.

NSAS uses the Terrey hills site now in preference as it is superior in many respects.

Only decent sites on the upper north shore I’m aware of that can be used anytime at night are Acron and Koola ovals. I’ve checked several other ovals too, but most have issues with lights and in all cases you will have to park outside and carry the scope some distance, I have a simple Bunnings trolley for this purpose.

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