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Sounds like a lot of fun getting back to the scope at the top of the studio. Very convenient. Yes the trains made my brick office shake.

I am still not sure why everyone digs a square hole and builds up from the bottom while most buildings are built on drilled 450 diameter piers. Drilled and filled in one day by one contractor and could not cost more and yet would be deeper and stiffer. Not hard to fill yourself with a barrow.

Originally Posted by bojan View Post
It will be something like this:

Many more ideas are here.
In highschool times, I spent many, many evenings in the dome of the Zagreb's Observatory... it's telescope is mounted on brick arch ~0.75m square, 4~5m high on the upper floor of the building..
Yes, the whole building (11th century tower) was shaking when occasional truck passed through the street below, but due to isolated wooden floor of the dome, our own movements inside did not affect the scope (for visual).
And, it will be only me in the studio (or the setup will be operated remotely from living room) so... I do not expect problems.
I only hope the pier will eventually stabilise quickly and not move significantly over lnger period of time..
One funny thing is also the same (or similar).. to my young days.. the smell of the pigeon poo was overwhelming during summer evenings when climbing on the wooden stairway (the space between stone walls and woodwork was infested by them).. and here in Mt Pleasant my neighbour keeps pigeons.. so I am also sor of travelling back in time with this project :-).
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