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Originally Posted by Camelopardalis View Post
Iíll reserve judgement until they hit the market. There are some pretty capable sensors on the market with pixels under 5 microns, and they donít demonstrate 14.7 stops of dynamic range...

What it will show is how good a given scopeís imaging circle is. Some folk with too much invested in this game might not like to know
Gordon Laing posted a video review with night photos with a side by side A7riii image to compare. The A7riv was quite noticeably worse. But still useable, I mean we are talking about less than the class leading sensor. A7riv is probably closer to Canon level of noise.

The Sony claim of 15 stops of dynamic range is also bogus. That is only downsampled to 8mp and 12 bits. An unlikely use of a sensor like this.

Dynamic range is a bit worse low down and a bit better higher up in the ISO. Interestingly it now has dual gain that kicks in at ISO320 versus 640 with the A7riii. I would prefer ISO640 as its a more useable ISO level for imaging.


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