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I started with a c8 edge hd and mono camera + narrowband, guiding with a 50mm guide scope and wouldn't have done it any differently.

Research, test and learn, commit yourself and you'll be up and running within a handful of sessions. I still have a ton to learn but within 3-5 sessions I was taking images that I was proud of and each image gets better and better.

A small refractor makes it even easier as long as you have it reasonable well balanced which is where the mounting gear for your guide scope and main scope comes into play.

I'd go a small guide scope, zwo guide cam, 1600mm pro with the narrowband filters of your choice. If you plan on doing LRGB as well get the 7 slot filter wheels. I tried to skimp money getting the 5 slot and it's a pain to change it when moving between nebula, galaxies and planets. No need for a UHC filter if you go narrowband and put a bit of money into general accessories (mounting plates, rings, risers if needed, short cables to clean up your rig).
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