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Originally Posted by doppler View Post
Hi Filip, you can get tube rings and mount your dob on an EQ mount. You will need a HEQ5 pro as a minimum, a NEQ6 would be better (if you have the $). If you get GSO tube rings be aware that Skywatcher tubes have a smaller diameter and will need to be "padded" out for a snug fit. Skywatcher tube rings are more expensive and harder to source.
Here's my imaging setup, 10" Skywatcher "dob" on a HEQ5 pro mount. It's on a pier which apparently increases payload capacity by a couple of kgs. The only time I have issues with the weight and size of the tube is in windy conditions, on a clear still night it performs well. I think that a lot of people underestimate the capabilities of the HEQ5 pro mount, sure a big tube will catch the wind but the mount can handle the weight.


Just what Alex said above
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