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Trying to convert the 8” dob to AP is a bit iffy , but possibly could be done
Firstly I think your dob only has a single speed focuser, you will need a dual speed focuser for AP as a minimum
You tube length could be an issue with a focal length of 1200mm, possibly clash with tripod legs ?
Your existing pivot point could clash with tube rings depending on your balancing point
In any case an 8” tube requires something like an EQ6-R or NEQ6 mount if you eventually want to autoguide and capture 5 and 10 minute exposures ( which most of us do )
General rule of thumb for AP is your that total payload including OTA and all AP accessories should not exceed 60% of the max rating of your mount
Recommendation if you want to get into AP for the long hall , keep the dob or sell the dob and buy a reflector or refractor
I use both a 6” f6 on a HEQ5 mount and 8” f5 newt reflector on an EQ6-R Mount for AP

Please try and get some more advice of others
That’s just my opinion and advice
Good Luck
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