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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
The QHY version is not cheap. $US8k...

Also I am not convinced (after having tinkered with QHY183 BSI CMOS OSC camera) the well depth is adequate.

After having just returned from Parkes, with a few people commenting on how good the dynamic range of these (and similar) sensors was/is....I am so far mystified on how to put theory in to practice.

My results to date have been good...but saturated stars with bugger-all faint data I am finding to be a challenge.

I'm happy to admit, it might be a learning curve on my part...but so far I have not managed to crack the code.
Hey Peter.,
Looking at the specs whilst the 183mc has plenty of pixels and sensitivity, it's well depth
,and dynamic range does not look that good at unity gain. I went the other way with the 294MC with bigger pixels. Just depends on the FL. At unity gain it retains a lot more well depth than 183, more than 3X, a half stop more DR and better read noise. As you know, horses for courses. Recommend a filter like L-Pro or L-eNhance filters, it might help. You are welcome try out mine.
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